February 16, 2019

Genius Girls Gathering

Presented by Mackintosh Academy - Littleton

“Genius Girls Gathering"!

February 23, 2019

Does your daughter like to create, innovate, build, design, code, explore, or discover? Mackintosh Academy is hosting a gathering for girls just like her!

For girls ages 9 -13 & their parents, this FREE event will offer fun hands-on workshops and an interactive discussion led by women scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.
The goal? To inspire and empower girls to maintain and grow their interest in science, design, innovation and exploration.
NSPIRE! interactive panel discussion with successful women scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs

EXPLORE! fun hands-on workshops in science, engineering, math and design

IGNITE! a girl's interest in creativity, innovation and scientific exploration

RSVP required. Please register to save your spot. Parents should select a PARENT TICKET and provide their contact information, and then add STUDENT TICKETS for all girls attending.



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