September 22, 2017

SENG Parent Group Starts October 4

An 8 week SENG Parent Discussion Group is starting on October 4th.  Join SENG Parent Discussion Group facilitators Kim Servia and Filipina Pate, as well as your fellow parents for an in-depth, 8-week study group about how to support the social and emotional needs of your gifted child and help him/her learn how to fulfill their greatest potential.
Group discussion is guided by two SENG-trained Parent Group Facilitators. Facilitators do not provide therapy, but instead focus on establishing a supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere that promotes learning and encourages participation from the group.

SENG Parent Group Fall 2017 Flyer

SENG Parent Group Fall 2017 Registration Form

If you aren't able to attend the upcoming SENG Parent Discussion Group but would like to be informed when the next group takes place, please sign up on the SENG Parent Group Interest Form.  We will contact you about future SENG Parent Discussion Groups.

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