November 8, 2016

Journey to College - Article 1

Abby's Journey to College - Article I

My daughter Abby is in her last year of high school and thus, her journey to college will conclude this spring.  I often get questions from other parents about what she has been doing, including parents of GT students.  In this and two future articles, I hope to share highlights of what Abby, my husband and I have learned during this journey.  
Article #1 - From middle school to 10th grade

Abby has been designated GT since 1st grade.  After that, I could finally ask her teachers to allow her to read her inch-thick novels during class, assuring them that she was still paying attention.  She has attended four public schools in four states (thanks to her dad’s work in the corporate world), is a highly motivated and straight-A student.  She has a great group of friends, has participated in sports and church /  community youth activities for many years and is a sensitive and well-rounded child.   Both my husband and I have advanced degrees and truly value higher education.  Thus, we have talked about college options with her since a very young age.

In no particular order, we have done several things from about late elementary school through 10th grade to help guide her journey to college.  

Barb Cousins
Counselor, College Choice
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