September 14, 2016

SENG Model Parent Group Feedback

What Past Participants Say About Our SENG Groups

(This group has helped me with)... Understanding how to better communicate and to be more empathetic. The group discussion and content may not have changed any particular situation with our son, but as parents, it changed our point of view and that will, in the long run, help him.
I would highly recommend this class for parents of gifted kids. I think parents should be told about it and the book when their kids are identified.
I would very highly recommend this group — for any parent! In my opinion, a lot of the book deals with things that many parents experience.
Our group has had an impact on “awareness” - raising my awareness of the possible unspoken thoughts, feeling, emotions, struggles of my child.  It’s helped me [try] to keep my own emotional responses and impulses in check.
I believe all schools should not only share information about the SENG (or other) support groups, but promote it to the families in their school communities.  Families have this need