June 15, 2016

Sleep:  The Greatest Gift I received from IQ Testing My Kids

by Ellen Jones, a DCSD parent of a rising college sophomore and rising high school freshman 
Years ago, I drove myself crazy trying to figure out if my kids were gifted or not and if it really mattered.   I drove my family crazy too.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and think, “he must be gifted, not all kindergartners teach themselves to add and subtract negative numbers.  Is she gifted?  Can every two year old just memorize all the words to a song they just heard on the radio?”  I would torture myself; no they are not gifted, just bright.  True, they show some of the characteristics on “those” gifted trait lists, but don’t a lot of kids?  What about this or that, over and over again.    Are they “OK” in their current school environment?  Are they missing out?  Unfortunately, the test given to my kids by the school district in first grade, didn’t give me enough information to put me at ease.  Their scores just missed the district's minimum requirements for gifted identification, but I felt something was amiss.  I had read somewhere in my obsessive research that some kids don’t do well in group given tests.   Finally, to put an end to the madness, sleepless nights and over observations, I had my kids individually IQ tested with a psychologist.  And as it turns out, I wasn’t crazy; they are both, without a doubt, gifted.

The testing gave me a documented guide that allowed me to unlock resources that my kids needed.  These resources included gaining admittance to gifted programs and acquiring help with learning disabilities for my 2E / Twice Exceptional kid.  The tests results and follow up report from the psychologist showed my children’s strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits among other important information.    A decade later, I’m still amazed on how accurate and helpful this information proved to be.  For example, when looking for gifted programs or academic support for my twice exceptional kid, I know programs that utilize visual spatial learning styles work well for us.     

I have two children, both gifted.  Next fall, my oldest will be a sophomore in college and my youngest will be a freshman in high school.  Both of my children were district and privately tested and both attended Douglas County School District’s Discovery program.  Private, individual IQ testing gave me peace of mind, courage, confidence and direction to pursue appropriate educational programs for my kids - and a good night’s sleep.
Ellen further recommends you read the article discussing IQ tests and advantages and disadvantages of group vs individual IQ tests. 

Next fall DCAGT will offer a seminar on IQ testing.  
Article Link on Comparing Individual vs. Group IQ Testing