April 29, 2015

What Motivates Gifted Kids?

What motivates gifted kids? According to Whitney and Hirsch, "Gifted kids can and do learn everywhere; The trick is to maintain their motivation to learn in school." Gifted underachievement happens for a variety of reasons, including the child's need to fit in with their peers and the lack of stimulation on school.

In our SENG Parent Support Group, we discussed what are some ways to create a supportive climate for motivation and how to help children learn how to set and achieve attainable goals. Below are some resources we shared with the group.

Last Updated 4/29/2015. Let us know if these links are broken!

From Around the Web

Davidson Institute
A big list of articles and books about underachievement and motivation.

The Association for the Education of Underachieving Students

What Can Teachers and Parents Do To Help Underachievers?
by Carolyn Coil, EdD.


Goal-Setting Resources

Teaching Grit: Social and Emotional Truth
An article on Angela Duckworth’s research

The Science of Goals
an article by Vanessa van Edwards and a goal-setting worksheet.

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  1. Children can be gifted alright, but why I always see that they stuck doing some mundane tasks, like everyday boring and repetitive homework. They could possibly building space rockets but they need to write ten pages essay to the literature class due tomorrow. A friend of mine is using this site to get some free time with his "big" project. I don't say that he is gifted, but i think he is doing alright.