April 29, 2015

What is Executive Function?

Executive Function is the set of mental skills that work together to manage how we think, including working memory, task flexibility and problem-solving. Most of these skills are organized in the frontal lobes of our brains (Wikipedia).

Sometimes gifted children may have some difficulties developing the ability to retain and organize information and these are frequently misdiagnosed as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD), a learning disorder or both. Here are some resources to help you learn more executive function and approaches to help resolve executive function issues.

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  • Seth Perler’s Executive Function Cheat Sheet. A former teacher now turned educational consultant, Seth helps students and adults address executive function issues. He has struggled with executive function issues himself and his recommendations are based on how he learned to overcome it and what has worked with his students. Based in Boulder. 

Book Lists 

  • Cognitive Connections Resource List. A team of two speech and language pathologists who specialize in treating cognitive and speech-language issues put together this book list on executive function. Based in Massachusetts.

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