February 20, 2015

Parent U: Social-Emotional Needs of Gifted

Updated 2/20/2015 due to anticipated snow day!
When: Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 Monday, March 2, 2015 from 6 pm -7:30pm
Where: Acres Green Elementary Learning Commons (library)
Who: Parents and Community Members interested in Gifted Children

Join us for a presentation by Sande Tanner, Discovery Program 4th/5th Grade Teacher and Beth Collins, Acres Green Elementary School Psychologist on the unique social-emotional needs of gifted children. Gifted and talented students may have affective needs that include heightened or unusual sensitivity to self-awareness, emotions, and expectations of themselves or others, and a sense of justice, moral judgment, or altruism.

In this presentation, you'll gain an overview of common issues that the gifted face such as perfectionism, depression, and underachievement. Learn suggested parenting strategies to help address these issues and identify additional programs to support the healthy emotional development of gifted kids.

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Updated 2/20/15: Download the Event Flyer