February 15, 2015

George Betts Event Follow-Up

Updated 2/19/2015: We have an electronic copy of Dr. Betts Presentation and a the Gifted Profiles Handout. Click on the links below to access them on Google Drive.

Dr. Betts Powerpoint Presentation

Revised Profiles of the Gifted & Talented

Thank you to all who attended our event with Dr. George Betts on Wednesday, February 10th. We had over 80 participants come and based on their feedback, the event was highly successful.

The most useful ideas that participants cited from the presentation were about the profiles of gifted learners and the difference between sequential and random learning styles.

Dr. Betts has identified six different profiles of gifted students and in the presentation, he discussed the different characteristics of each profile. He also provided a scoring sheet to help participants identify what profiles fit their children. You can view a table of all six profiles here.

He also described examples of random and sequential learning styles and noted that while sequential learners are more likely to succeed in school, random learners are able to succeed once they are out of the educational system. More information about learning styles is available here.

Participants wished that there had been more time available for Q&A and that copies of the presentation slides were available. We will post a link to the slides on this article and notify everyone when it is available. In the meantime, we hope the links above will be helpful.

Thanks to the parent and teacher volunteers who helped us run our first big event of the year and thank you to the Office of Gifted Education's Robin Carey and Natasha Straayer for the support organizing and promoting this event.

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